Become the
Master of the Game


Becoming "Who You Really Are" is certainly the most important challenge of your life.

• Do you have the courage to live the life you really want, not the life other people expected you to live ?
• Are you realizing the highest idea you have of yourself ?
Your time is precious, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Drop the mask. Dare to be yourself.

Reconnecting with your divine core.

• Discover your personality type through the sacred geometry of symbols of your name
• How to reconnect with your Inner Desires and manifest your soul’s purpose
• What influence does your life path have on your personality type ?

Discover your symbols Your vibratory signature
self center

01. The method

The STAR method

Geonumerology adopts a systemic approach, where the relationships between numbers are more important than the numbers themselves.

Systemic approach


We could say that Geonumerology is :
- more dominated by a ternary logic (which connects) than by a binary logic (which separates);
- more relational and global than analytical;
- ultimately less reductive than numerology, as it embraces the diversity of realities of human being.

Ternary approach


Just as the Universe and Man are made up of three Principles, Numbers also have a triple meaning : anatomical, physiological and symbolic.
This ternary mode of thinking also gives us the key to understanding the world in which we live

"Omne trinum est perfectum"
“Everything in threes is perfect”

Analog enigma


Reasoning by analogy makes it possible to establish connections between concepts which may appear far removed at first sight. Geonumerology defines correspondences between numbers, symbols and ideas.

« Know thyself and you will know the universe and the Gods... »

Rational approach


From the Latin ratio, ratio, proportion, Geonumerology relies solely on the radius of the circle as a standard meter, a true criterion of truth, for the geometric construction of symbols.

« What I don't build geometrically doesn't exist for me. »
Henri Poincaré ~ Science and Hypothesis

02. Become yourself and find your way

Know yourself from the inside

The aim of geonumerology is to help you identify and then gradually unify your different "degrees of being". It is like a concrete spiritual experience, based on a serious knowledge of oneself.


Knowing oneself well implies beforehand to identify one's own constitutive elements, to become aware of the different Selves that act in you and define your internal, personal and unique alchemy.


The source of all problems is either a lack or an excess. Some people have no symbol in one world or another (Spiritual, Psychological or Physic). This makes the work of reconnecting more difficult. It is more difficult for them to affirm their whole being.


The identification of your "dominant function" is necessary to the successful realization of your spiritual evolution, answering in all points your mission, your destiny and your reason for being. It is necessary to have a good understanding of your ideal in order to better serve it.


This internal re-construction consists in gathering all the fragments of consciousness located in our different "Bodies" or energy centers (intellectual, emotional and vital) in order to merge them into a single whole.
intuition or experience?

the different "degrees of being"

The knowledge of the truth that each one carries within himself remains the basis and the end of all personal initiation. Each one can build himself spiritually; each one can truly become in act what he is in power.


Knowing your life path and knowing how to position yourself in your personal cycles allows you to anticipate your destiny and not to suffer it, to be the cause and not the consequence. To become simply but fully who you are.

03. Video

Watch our video

Discover the origin and principles of GeoNumerology.

04. Free reading

Try it and you will see

Your last name, first name and date of birth are the three pieces of information used to define your vibratory signature, your mode of operation, your dominant function, your personal qualities as well as your dark side or the nature of your mission.

An alchemical psychology : Who, how much and how

Whereas Numerology reduces the number of different profiles to 9 or even 11 (by adding the "master numbers"), Geonumerology is interested in the way in which these 9 reductions are obtained.
There are only 29 possibilities, called "source numbers".
You have five personal numbers whose combination represents the crystallization of your individuality, which makes YOU unique.

Rational spirituality : where, why and when

On the basis of these 29 "equations", and respecting the rules of Sacred Geometry, numbers are incarnated in a geometric shape and occupy a space in the matrix of the Three Worlds, thus “activating" the qualities attributed to this location, which makes a double interpretation possible: Who acts and Where ?

05. Meanings of symbols

Seeing is understanding

Just as the Universe and Man are made up of Three Principles, Numbers also have a triple meaning : anatomical, physiological and symbolic.

06. Typology

The 29 Personality Archetypes

Each individual has a group of five symbols, taken from the 29 possible ones (some may appear in duplicate, in triplicate...). This combination is specific to you (more than 42,000 possibilities and more than 1 million by integrating the life path).

07. Take a look

Extracts from a study

Each study is completely personal. Composed of 40 color pages in pdf format, it includes a description of each of your symbols and offers a summary.

08. Frequently asked questions

For you or someone else

Save ten years of your life by realizing now who you really are. 
Help your child to realize themselves fully in accordance with their capacities and personal aspirations.
Or, to put it prosaically, knowing the personality and ambitions of a future partner before embarking on a long-distance journey.

If you want to know how others perceive you or if you wish to reconnect to your essential needs and become the Master of the Game, geonumerology allows you to speed up the process by providing you with a map of your inner kingdom. Are you ready to dive into yourself ?
Numerology associates numbers with ideas according to a process which very often remains unexplained. Its reasoning is linear, isolated (a number then a number) and "above-ground", without reference to the structure which accommodates the first 9 numbers, and whose study proves to be at least as important as the numbers themselves — especially through the relationships it allows to be established between the three planes of reality: spiritual, psychological and physic.
Geonumerology bases its interpretations, on the one hand, on the geometric form of a number and, on the other hand, on the position occupied by the number within the matrix of ideas. By combining these two aspects, form and idea, numbers suddenly takes on multiple faces.
Knowing yourself well begins with understanding the different "degrees of being" that we are made of. You will first discover your "dominant function" : intellectual, emotional or instinctive. You will become aware of your preferred energy mode: attractive, expansive or integrating, as well as your process of capturing and processing information: through reason, intuition or experience. Finally, and certainly the most important, you will be able to visualize for yourself the path that will allow you to connect your different selves within the framework of a harmonious evolution, in which you will become the cause and no longer the consequence.
Expect between 48h and 72h. Your study is completely personal and requires putting yourself in a bubble to be able to carry it out serenely. This is why I only carry out a maximum of three studies per day, except in exceptional cases. Beyond that, I consider that we would be entering an industrial process, which would dehumanize the concept.
Following numerous requests, I have just begun doing individual video consultations. These make it possible to go deeper into certain aspects, in particular those relating to the process of individuation, by identifying practically and visually what makes you a unique being, and the place that you have to hold in the big game of life.